Welsh History Podcast Episode 05 The Archer and the Cape


In this episode we discuss how stratification made for some interesting bronze age burials.

Strabo, Geographica book 4 chapter 5: Britain, Ireland, and Thule.

Amebury Archer

The Mold Cape 

The Mold Cape, British Museum

Wrexham Government site PDF explaining the modern and ancient understanding of the gold cape.

David R. Howell, Cape of a Nation's Hopes, History Today, Volume: 63 Issue: 12 2013.

Roberts, Benjamin W. Production Networks and Consumer Choice in the Earliest Metal of Western Europe, Journal of World Prehistory, November 2009, pgs. 461 - 481.

Stone, Richard, Mystery Man of Stonehenge, Smithsonian, August 2005 Vol. 36, Issue 5.

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